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Moving day

What is this?

A link? Click, dear reader! The blogging excitement moves again!


About the Facebook redesign

Dearest Facebook,

You have no Linux users in your UI testing groups. Either that, or you ignore them. Or they don’t actually test. It’s one of those. I state this merely because Firefox 3 on Linux is not compatible with your new design. This has been tested in Arch Linux and the version of Ubuntu that came out back in April.

So anyway. The links on the main page don’t work. You must click a link, then refresh the page to be taken to your destination.

On a completely different note, it’s somewhat disappointing to see that you switched from one fixed-width style to another. I used to be able to have a web browser on the left sode of my desktop and IM windows on the right side. Now my browser needs to be about 170 pixels wider, so it overlaps. The worst part is how much seems to be dedicated to ads (a large number of which are either completely irrelavent to me or offensive. I shamelessly block them) and whitespace. Yeah, the new layout seems a lot cleaner, but a lot of that is because you bought the whitespace by making the user resize the window larger. And what’s up with 1/3 of the viewable area not being used while looking at wall-to-wall conversations? It would have been a lot more nifty if the layout flowed depending on how wide the window was.

Just some thoughts.


P.S. Oh, just remembered. That you know that guy Joe Minifeed? Why are you calling him “Mr. Wall” now?

P.P.S. Try loading the main page with the window not full length. Scroll to the right. Note the fun redraw issues. I’ll bet we see Firefox 3.0.2, “Facebook Edition” pretty soon.

What happened to the design?

Today is third CSS Naked Day. Disable your style sheet and promote good webdesign!

Custom blog header images

The following post has been obsoleted. Most themes now have custom header images, and it’s become a lot easier to set. You won’t even have to crack open Photoshop to get the image size right.

I dunno how long this has been around, but it’s worth repeating for the benefit of anyone who dosen’t know. I mean, I just discovered it this evening. It’s an option in the Regulus theme.

If you don’t know what that means and just want to have a different picture at the top of your blog then everyone else, read on for a howto. Continue reading ‘Custom blog header images’

I like tiny websites

I am obsessed with tiny, self contained websites. I dunno why, but they fascinate me. Only problem is, I’m really bad at CSS and I always end up stealing code from other sites to get the look I want.
And I recently discovered my Yahoo IM account has like 15Mb web space associated with it. Hmmm.

To this end, I have created a small site to hone my web design skills and promote tasteful ripping and murdering of other peoples code. When I feel like I’m done with it, I’ll zip the whole thing up and distribute it. Till then, you can look at it @ Feel free to rip anything neat you come across.

The reasons that this at GeoCities instead of my normal f2o account are:

  • I’m too lazy to open my ftp client.
  • GeoCities pretty much FORCES you to think small. A bit *too* small, imho. With a 20Kb site, if you got digg’D, they’d only let in about 250 people an hour. But still. Its good practice.
  • Keeps me from cheating and throwing in server-side stuff. Though I probably DO need to hone my PHP some, too. Junk.

One nice thing about using all html/CSS/Javascript over a mini CMS like my f2o site is that I can hide all sorts of neat little easter eggs. I could make a sentence with a word misspelled or something, and that word could be an invisible link. Not to mention that it will all (eventually) validate. I’m gonna have fun with this.

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