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Microsoft Launch Day in Dallas

In what looks to be an extremely hypish marketing move, Microsoft is hosting an all-day Windows Vista/Office 2007 launch event in Dallas on the 21st. In exchange for sitting through a bunch of presentations about how Vista and Office are the best things since sliced bread, you get a free copy of Office 2007 pro and Groove.

Yes, I am a Linux advocate and such. Normally, I wouldn’t care about such things. However, this evening I recieved and email from the campus ACM chapter. Basically, if I apply and my application to attend is accepted, I get sponsored to go. This turns it into a completely different matter. Office 2007’s DOCX format, while technically an open standard, is currently only completely supported by Office ’07, and I believe the school has plans to upgrade the labs in the near future. I am also a poorish student, and getting $500+ of useful software in echange for sitting through a day of potentially interesting presentations on Windows development is extremely tempting. As they say, “know thy enemy.” Worst case, it’s boring and I make notes about how much better Ubuntu is. Best case for Microsoft, I come back and blog about how l33t Office and Vista are. Rest assured, the latter won’t be happening, though though there’s always the wonderful chance that I’ve been wrong about Vista. I hope I’ve been wrong about Vista, for the sake of clueless desktop users everywhere.


Apple’s “not dead yet”

Some guy named Jerry Kindall is announcing the death of Apple prematurely.

Microsoft will release a version of Longhorn that runs on Apple’s hardware (assuming it is proprietary enough that it wouldn’t “just work” anyway, which it probably will be) and price it competitively. The next time Apple wants $129 for a Mac OS X upgrade, or at the next hardware upgrade cycle, users will go, “well heck, most of my software is already Windows anyway, Longhorn is all right, and I’ll get a slight speed boost by ditching the emulation,” and they’ll move over to Windows.

You won’t probably won’t get a speed boost switching from Wine to Windows. In fact, some stuff runs faster in Wine. As they say, “Wine Is Not an Emulator”.
All it does it replace a bunch of Windows framework with some rewritten kinda-windows-compatible framework. Also, did I miss something? I thought Wine still was in heavy alpha development for OS X.

I also doubt that this will make many people want to switch . You could run Windows apps on OS X before by using expensive software. Now you’ll be able to run Windows apps at a decent speed by using expensive software OR by using a buggy, expensive operating system. To quote Spock, “A difference that makes no difference is no difference.”

Keeping in mind both Apple and Microsoft’s track record for security and ease of use and noting the train wreck commonly known as Windows Vista, I think the Mac will be fine for quite some time.

The New York Times hypes Vista

The New York Times is jumping on the Vista bandwagon. I ask you; how is this not something that could easily be programmed using existing Windows XP technology? Or even in a web browser using well crafted CSS?

Oh, right. I forgot. Internet Explorer 6 dosen't support well crafted CSS.

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