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Everyone Loves Research Papers

Behold! School has taken over my life to the point of instructing me to post assignments on this blog. The entire grid will soon be able to view my research paper in-progress, and my peers on Facebook will see constant updates in their news streams. Fear not, loyal readers! If the report was not of interest to me, it would not be here.

The first topic of consideration will no doubt excite and thrill my regular crowd. It is that oft-debated topic, how should music digital rights management (DRM) be handled? The consumer hates DRM, and the record makers seem unable to get enough of it. Obviously, no system will ever be perfectly secure; if you can hear music, you can copy it. We have encrypted CDs, encrypted music file formats, and cryptic lawsuits today. None of them work. If I choose to write on this topic, I might just hit upon a method of managing electronic rights that is satisfactory to everyone. No promises, though.

My second topic is Preventing Skyjackings. In process of researching and writing the report, I hope to find patterns in planejackings and propose innovative ways to discourage hostile takeovers. Obviously, thoroughly searching everyone who goes through security, putting locks on the cockpit doors, and hiring stewardesses trained in the martial arts would be ideal, but it simply is not feasible. This report would once again ask the eternal question “Is there a better way?”

Stay tuned for updates.


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