I’m James, and this is the most recent occurrence of my blog. I like to write about “Computers, Life, and General Randomness.” If anything you read here interests you, feel free to stick around. šŸ™‚

You can view my first two years of blogging at GeckoSite

“The best of FremLog”

Thrilling episode selections which may or may not be representative of the whole!

About me

First off, Iā€™m a Christian. I believe that Jesus died for my sins and rose from the dead. I believe that the entire Bible is true. It is the perfect word of God.

I’m very interested in computers in general. I’ve got 4 computers in the house running Debian Linux and variants. I’m learning how to program “the real way” using C.
I enjoy wasting my time playing video games. I’ve programmed a few myself, an activity that’s ridiculously more fun then it should be. I like to claim that I’m just practicing for the real stuff.

I’m currently involved with FIRST Robotics. My team is FVC-40 “Grep Lurch Grab”. You can check out our website via the link on the sidebar.

Let’s see… Oh, yes. I’m also an Eagle scout. About midway though Scouting, I discovered how much fun it was to write skits; Those little, 5 minute play type things. Then I expanded to humorous essays. Now, I’m writing a blog. I’ve been blogging for about the past 3 years or so. While I don’t have a huge audience, my writing skills have improved immensely. In general, the stuff you’ll find on my blog is not stuff I’d consider good enough to publish in a newspaper. It’s about second or third draft quality. I pretty much just need to write stuff to keep my mind clear. Not too bad of a habit, I guess.

I am currently studying Computer Science and Engineering at LeTourneau University. This takes up quite a bit of my time, so my posts have been rather few and far between as of late.

About this site

I’m using a service called, a free hosting dealie that uses this great blogging engine, WordPress.

The title, FremLog, has it’s origins back when I was beta testing World of Warcraft and Wyvern. I wanted a social, hobbitish name, and “Frem” was what I came up with. It’s completely original, and it didn’t return any relevant hits on Google, so I decided to keep it around. I use it on IRC and social networking websites a lot. It’s my happy, irrelevant screen name. It seemed to make sense to name the second blog using it.

Much later, I discovered that the word “frem” seems to mean “forward” in Danish. I thought it made for a neat tagline.


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