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On daylight savings time

So, it’s daylight savings time! With the arrival of this anti-holiday comes the realization that I do not own a single gadget which doesn’t automatically adjust for the new time. (The future is here! I thought it’d be shinier.)

With this knowledge however, comes the lingering, creeping doubt that they’ll actually update and wake me up on time. I live in a rectangular structure of cinderblocks which eats cell phone and radio signals. What if it hinders the Martian signals? Also, the change comes at two Ante Meridiem. Who wants to be awake then? What device would ever update at that unearthly hour? It’s all a conspiracy!

Of these things and many more, we must distrust our electronics. I know not when the robot uprising will occur, but chances are that half of them will show up an hour late.


Bad communication

Some lady with an email address very similar to mine posted a Craigslist advertisement about a certain item. This posting is quite popular, and contains a  serious typo which the lady does not deem necessary to fix.

Thus, I have found my inbox being flooded with desperate, poorly written emails begging for more information on the item. How bad is it? I had to go through four or five of them before figuring out what was going on.

Is capitalization too much to ask? Maybe a simple press of the enter key every now and then? What about a complete sentence that didn’t look like it was generated using a Markov chain? Not to mention people who sent the exact same barely legible email multiple times with no subject.

I’m not sure if the internet is destroying communication, or if it just removed an barrier to entry that kept out the riffraff.

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