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The deal with Linux music players

In reply to this guy, who should really either open up comments or allow trackbacks.


Congratulations! Different shades for different people. I personally enjoy not having to mess around with file hierarchies, but whatever works for you.

What we really need is a Linux port of foobar2000; the Windows version is extremely customizable and behaves exactly like the user wants it to. I’ve been known to run it in Wine occasionally in lieu of using a native player; it’s just that good.

Blatant plug!
Think about it, internets! A clone of the Foobar2000 interface using XMMS2 written in Python or LUA that is extensible using plugins. Tell me that wouldn’t be amazing.

The real issue I have with Linux music players is that only XMMS and derivative players actually have integrated equalizers. What’s the deal with that? An equilizer is pretty much essential for listening to any music at all on a laptop.


Hey, look. You can buy notebooks online!

So, the book store is out of those blank composition notebooks with the marbley cover. WalMart is also out of them, as is any store within reasonable driving distance. Clearly, something must be done.

Thus, I find myself at this juncture; laughing hysterically while contemplating if I should order a bulk shipment of the silly things off Amazon (Who conveniently allows them to be sold used).


It would be amazing. A package comes in the mail. Excitedly ripping open the packaging, my eyes light up as the covers of two stacks of new used Mead brand notebooks gleam in the morning sun for the first time.

Of course, all this is pure fantasy. I would never check my mail that early.

In the morning, after this post is convenantly aggregated by all manner of social networks and RSS readers, it will make no sense at all. That matters not; at the moment, it is completely halarious.

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