In which I draw a line on some screenshots

Nothing visible happened today. Oh, did did figure out why the text was “jumping” when one tries to edit after the initial draw. Lookit! The window on the right is my dev build, window on the left is 2.6.2. The selected text is whats initially drawn to the screen all pretty. The text underneath it, overlapping somewhat, is what is drawn when you edit.

Note my dev build lacks the upper gray area outside the page, and note the line I drew to compare the text height. Exactly the same! “All” I need to do to fix it is to find whatever it is I ripped out that draws the upper gray area.

I’m mostly writting this to myself so I remember where I am tomorrow. I suppose I could jot it on the slowly growing stack of scratch paper next to my laptop, but I’m making the (likely pompus) assumption that it might be interesting to someone. Or am I being even more egotistical by assuming that about my assumption? I’d never survive as a diplomat.

Edit: Oh, also, just in case you were wondering, in C++ when you run into a form like (a || b && c), the && is always evaluated first, even if it’s reversed like (a && b || c). Dispite what my handy refrence says. Look, just put parentheses to indicate order of operations with expressions like that. It gets rid of warnings and makes it slightly easier on the next person to go through your code. I saw a Repulsive expression of Unusual Size earlier today that I don’t even want to think about working on without a truth table, or linear algebra, or whatever. Good thing it’s not related to any of my code. ^_^


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