So, this is what my Google Summer of Code MultiPage project looks like so far. Not (absolutely horribly) bad, eh? Well, as of roughly thirty seconds ago, it was a complete mess. Then I looked back and realized that I was passing the row number, not the page number to my function that calculated the width of previous pages in a row. Easy fix, looks much better. God is good!

You’ll note that pages five and six are being drawn too high (covering pages two and three). What you can’t see is how the blinking cursor line is flipping insane and un-synced from reality, how the pretty white page filling and drawing messes up when you type stuff, and how the whole thing locks up whenever you scroll. All in good time!

Anyway, I’m starting feel a bit more comfortable hacking on this particular chunk of AbiWord, despite lots of stupid mistakes. I think I’ve worked on it about two and a half weeks on this point? Grrr. I’m going too slow. My goal for the next coding session is to sort out the overlapping text stuff (should be easy, even by my standards 😛 ) and get this polished enough for a new SVN submission. The one I should have made a while ago. Yay.


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