Facebook’s Killer App

Every platform has software that defines it; the “killer app.” The software everyone remembers and immediately thinks of when thinking about the platform. For DOS, it was stuff like lotus123. For the Open Source world, it’s GUN/Linux, LAMP, and Firefox. For Windows, it’s more or less every bit of proprietary software out there, singing songs of platform exclusivity and vendor lockin in beautiful chorus.

Well, Facebook’s killer app has surfaced. And what do you know? It’s a game. Why am I not surprised?

So, yes. It’s a simplistic MMORPG. Amazingly, it’s actually designed to be played in ways other than spamming your entire friends list with invites. It’s called PackRat, and it is, in fact, a collectable card game which focuses on getting ahead of everyone else by stealing their cards. Some people seem to like it a lot. Whatever. Either way, killer app or not, this is the first app I’ve seen to make good use of the Facebook API.


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