My Firefox Configuration

Upon reinstalling Ubuntu, the first thing I did was pull up a Tomboy note I save useful Firefox settings in. It occurred to me that I had some rather useful tweaks saved, and it would be a shame to hoard them all to myself. So, this is my Firefox configuration of choice. Yay.

Adblock Plus
Google Gears

Tango Gnome theme


  1. browser.startup.homepage =
  2. browser.tabs.tabMinWidth = 32
  3. browser.tabs.closeButtons = 0
  4. browser.urlbar.hideGoButton = true
  5. network.cookie.cookieBehavior = 1
  6. browser.backspace_action = 0
  7. layout.spellcheckDefault = 2
  8. keyword.URL =
  9. middlemouse.loadContentURL = false
  10. general.autoScroll = true

What it does

  1. Set homepage
  2. Make minimum tab size smaller
  3. Only show a close button on the current tab
  4. Hide the GO button on the address bar
  5. Only load cookies from the current site
  6. Make hitting backspace go back.
  7. Enable spellcheck in one-line fields
  8. Enable Google searchs in the main address bar
  9. Disable middle-clicking on tabs to goto URL in clipboard
  10. Middle click to scroll

Thanks to Joey Day for the “Google search in the address bar” tip. I believe he currently uses YubNub.

Stylish CSS
Combine Stop and Reload buttons


1 Response to “My Firefox Configuration”

  1. 1 Erik January 7, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    There’s a similar application to YubNub called Favlog. A prototype became available just the other day. It allows you to personalise your keywords and add your own commands.

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