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Smoke @ 9:30

The microwave next door just started billowing out smoke due to burnt popcorn. Sadly, in the communal rush to close doors and fan smoke out windows, I didn’t think to wrap a shirt around the main west wing smoke alarm before it went off.



My Salad

I had two midterms today. In order to properly prepare one’s body for the harrowing experience, one must obtain three things: study, food, and sleep. I had one of those. Now, lunch is good for the brain and all that, but so is sleep, and I didn’t feel comfortable proceeding henceforth and thereon on six hours. Clearly, something had to be done. I needed to up my sleep stat to seven hours. So, I did.

An hour later, at 11:45, I advanced out of the door. My path was clear. I would approach the fine dining establishment known as The Hive, order an conversion meal, go to the classroom, and eat it before the test started. This is a test that starts at 12:00 sharp, mind you. I know, I’m brilliant that way.  After a three minute jaunt down to this hive of eatables and grease and a five minute wait in line, I had reached the conversion meal. It was a salad. That’s not exactly what I would have chosen, had I had a choice, but time, the universe, and everything had been and were gradually ticking away.

I entered the classroom just in time to receive my scantron sheet. Ok, so no food for now. It’s ok. The classroom is nice and cool, and the salad will be perfectly fine sitting under my chair while I take the test for an hour and a half. Yes.

Midterm number one was completed. I walked to my next class and seized the salad. At last, leafy goodness smothered with with Italian goo would be mine! I smothered it with Italian goo.

“Hey James, do you have your nutritional analysis assignment?”
Wait, what? Um, no, no I did not. I had taken it to the previous three sessions, and the professor had said he would take it the next session each time. Today was the next session.

The weather was clear and hot as I sprinted out of Solheim and vaulted over an unsuspecting hedge. After much drama and sweating and wheezing, I returned to the classroom and passed out on my desk. Just as the professor started passing out scantrons. Aww man.

The poor salad is now sitting in my refrigerator looking rather wilted. I can’t imagine why. It’s only been left at room temperature for like three and a half hours.

Sweet salad, I would have liked to knew thee well.

Cave Story Linux Port

 Just in case you hadn’t heard about it, Cave Story for Linux. Great game. Worked in Wine before, now it works natively with SDL. Wikipedia.

Linux CPU Frequency Scaling

I finally got CPU frequency scaling working in Ubuntu on my laptop. I’d given it up for lost a while back, but this tutorial I happened to stumble onto worked. Huzzah.

…This is really something that could be set up by default.  A bit of Python to parse the output of cat /proc/cpuinfo and modprobe the appropriate modules seems like a fairly trivial task. If not at initial installation, then as a wizard in a control panel or something.

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