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On Going Nocturnal

I’ve been going nocturnal recently. It’s annoying me. I mean, about the time that online friends from England wake up and connect to the grid, you’d think I’d take that as a hint that I’m up really, really late and need to go to bed. But nooo…


Idea: The Download Box

Why, when the computer locks up or freezes, do all our network connections drop? Think about it. Everything stops. AIM, downloads, peer-to-peer transfers, etc. This can be a problem, since many download sites generate a unique, one-time use URL to prevent file leaching. If you’re 99% done and your computer locks up, the connection drops and you’ve gotta download the entire file again. Why must we even reconnect?

Idea: a “black box” approach. Just a little box that sits between your Ethernet port and the wall/wifi. It runs an extremely minimal embedded OS, highly stable, no moving parts, etc. When you init a download, it’s going thru the box. If your computer stops accepting bits, the box keeps the download running and caches it until you can reboot or whatever. Maybe noone would buy something like that. Combine the gadget with an external hard disk as a really neat extra feature.

Safari on Windows?

I’d just like to say, Windows Safari is pretty much the most bizarre thing I’ve seen all month. I feel so confused.

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