Windows Desktop Search No More

Dear Microsoft,
Through some tragic accident, Windows Desktop Search recently became installed upon the Windows XP partition of my machine. Perhaps it was required by Office 2007. Maybe Windows Update installed it as a secret bonus. I don’t know. I don’t appreciate it.

“Why not?”, you ask. Maybe it’s the way my search functionality suddenly changed without my consent. Perhaps it’s how my disk is constantly grinding and how I am forced to compete for processor cycles. I hypothesize that it might have something to do with how the indexing service randomly starts up, even when I’ve disabled it using Administrative Tools. It might even be how the constant indexing continues, even when this laptop is running on battery power. Whatever the reason, I’ve had enough of it.

Have you looked into Beagle? It does a little thing which I find very special. It indexes when I’m not using the computer. Think about it.



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