The Joys of Dorm Life

Where else but a dorm would someone call at 2am, do a very bad impersonation of a floor mate (Jordan L; aka, “English Major”) who left after last semester, and ask for CS homework help to round it off?

The great thing about it was, I was awake and coding at the time, and I enjoy a good prank, so I grabbed the bait. Sadly, it was nothing more then an ordinary prank call. No notes left down at MSC, and no spotlights or water balloons rained down upon me as I left the dorm. Seriously folks, if you’re going to prank, make it good. At least make the call come right before the sprinkler system actives.

Ok, I’m done now.

Note: On the off-chance anyone does actually want to get ahold of me at 2AM for HW help, try my AIM listed on Facebook. If I’m awake and/or feeling like free tech support, I’ll probably be on there.


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