Hootenanny ’07 Audition

So, we had auditions for Hootenanny ’07 this evening. The script and theme must remain shrouded in mystery, but I think we did fairly well.

It was only the second time the entire cast had run through the script together. To say that our schedules differ drastically would be an understatement. Things weren’t quite moving as fluidly as they could have.

Also, to quote one of the viewers, “That was the nerdiest thing I have ever seen.” Little does he know. A significant portion of the nerdy jokes in the script went right over the review board’s head. I sort of wish the board had had a CS major or two to appreciate them.

We’ll find out this weekend whether we got in or not. I think we made a favorable impression. They were, I think, slightly impressed that it was completely original. In the event that we are accepted, we will be making some modifications to the script in order to appeal more to the normal, boring, everyman.


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