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Steve Jobs pwns the music industry

Earlier today, Steve Jobs released an open letter to the music industry. In it, he argued that digital rights management is both fundamentally flawed and unnecessary. Wow. Jobs has power, and he’s using it for good. If record companies pay heed, this would seriously be one of the best things to ever happen to music enthusiasts using computers, on any operating system.

It’s a rather interesting move. Perhaps Apple is seizing in on how Microsoft has been getting beat up lately for including extensive DRM support in Windows Vista.


Robin Hood

Context: I had just been asked to “obtain” a copy of Office 2007 for a friend.

James: James has a “don’t pirate stuff” policy
Josh: y?
Josh: microsoft is evil
James: …
Josh: its like robin hood
James: Yeah, like Robin Hood.
Josh: steal from the evil rich and give to the evil less rich
James: He would have used Linux, btw.
Josh: maybe
James: You know it to be true.

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