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Adobe. You know the company. They have Designers there. People who create fine softwares such as Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, and Macromedia Flash. I can’t really go into specifics. One only needs a vague general idea of what goes on at this gathering of smart people. They design stuff. These people are professionals. Yet, no less then two days ago they unleahed this bombshell upon an unsuspecting public.

New Photoshop icon

Behold: the new Photoshop icon. This would look great on a glass door, maybe adorining a mug or as a letterhead of some sort. But no. This is the icon upon which you click to launch the program. It gets better.


Now this, this is freaking hilarious. Random colors, obscure abbreviations, and no relevance whatsoever. I mean, I mentally associate Ps with Fl every time I modify a photo or patronise Homestar Runner.

The new logo is reminiscent of the whole periodic table thing. It is difficult to memorize and no one really comprehends it fully. Hint: when your new branding system requires an chart and/or table to figure out, it is probably broken and in need of repair.

I can see the box art now. The entire package is blue, with “Ps” written on large white letters on the front. Rows upon rows of “Ps” adorn the shelves. Not to be confused with the “Au” or “Co” products. Adding to the confusion is the fact that these latter boxes are not, in fact, golden and deep blue, respectively. How they got from those universally recognized colors to greenish blue and purpleish blue, I’ll never understand.

But seriously. Wow, just wow. Useful icons? Who needs those?


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  1. 1 Liz December 23, 2006 at 11:46 pm

    All these new icons remind me of elements on a periodic table.

    (I know that they’re not, but it was kinda funny to me.)

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