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Fun Fact #147

Did you know that the coin change machine located in the LeTourneau laundromat will, in fact, accept twenty dollar bills?


Trusted Computing and BitTorrent

This Guy is claiming that Trusted Computing is like BitTorrent. I disagree.

My first observation would be that while BitTorrent is voluntary, Trusted Computing is being forced upon us. One enforces liberty, the freedom to do whatever we want with our files. The other locks it down. They are really polar opposites.

Both technologies can be used for good or evil. However, just as BitTorrent is predominantly used for pirated materials, I don’t really see TC being used for much more then DRM. Yes, it could be used for distributed computing. BitTorrent could be integrated with apt-get to distribute Linux updates, too.
Will either happen? Maybe, but not right now and probably not for a while.

Another thing; this *will not* stop music from being pirated. I doubt it will make a dent. If you can play audio, you can capture it. If not by software, then by hardware. Plug a cable from the headphone jack to the mic jack and start recording. Might cut down on software piracy a bit, but I’m sort of doubting enough companies will be organized enough to make things work within three years. Maybe, maybe five or six. If all these web 2.0 people are to be believed, all the important stuff will be online, accessible from anywhere by then, anyway.

Meh. I don’t know how Trusted Computing will work out, but my gut tells me two things. One, people will pirate software and music no matter what. Two, I can’t see the average consumer liking TC when they find out what it is and what does in the grand scheme of things.

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