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Greetings from Pennitentiary

And then, through a series of unexplained plot twists, James ended up at college.
“How did this happen?” you ask, noticeably shaken.
“I told you! Through a series of unexplained plot twists. Gah!” James replies.

Anyway. I am now in the Pennitentiary; getting up at 7 AM, using Windows XP, and running around asking females to autograph a bar of soap. Needless to say, college has imposed a few lifestyle changes upon me.
Pennitentiary is the name of my floor. It’s a play on our building name and Paul’s “I am a prisoner for Christ” thing. We have group Bible studies and such. It’s pretty neat.

Getting up at 7 AM is really much easier then I thought it would be. When professors drop grades if you are late to class, it become surprisingly easy to get up and going. As a bonus, Saga is almost empty at 7:10 AM. No lines for food!

My Windows XP usage caught me by surprise. I started using it because most games run smoother naively then they do on Wine. And believe me, with the guys on my floor, “real time strategy” really is quite fast. When you only have time to play video games for half an hour, you make it count.

Note that I say XP usage started there. Even though homework has gotten heavier and we don’t have as much time to game as before, I’m still using it much more then Ubuntu. Really, all I’m using is a single program: Microsoft OneNote. It’s like a computerized notebook. I keep everything in it simply because it’s easier to use, faster, and more convenient then large elaborate folder structures filled with Word documents. (Yes, I said Word documents. All the professors require it, so I don’t have much choice in the matter. In my defense, I still use Writer.)

Seriously, I love bashing Microsoft, but OneNote rocks. It’s not perfect at all, but it’s the best organizational program I’ve found and it was designed specifically for students.

And lastly‚Ķ the soap. It’s a floor thing, Extended Orientation. Don’t ask. But I need to wear it in public and ask random girls to engrave their names upon its surface. EO is better then I thought it would be. Aside from the soap, the only major events have been “Milking the cow” at the drink fountains and proposing to (or breaking up with) random RA-selected girls.

I had a humorous one-man skit written in case my assigned target accepted, but she denied me the opportunity. I’m not sure if it was my abruptness, the FruitLoop(tm) being used as a ring, or the fact I had a large salad fork behind my back.

So, yeah. I’m not dead yet, but blogging is currently more or less in slow motion as I work on more important things. Thanks for reading!

— James


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