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Apple recently released a “sneak peek” at the next version of OS X. It looked pretty spiffy… until I read about the new changes to Behold the doom that awaits us all: “With Mac OS X Leopard, Mail transforms mere email into personalized stationery.” Why, Apple? Why? Why?

Sincerely yours

Mail for Leopard features more than 30 professionally designed stationery templates that make a virtual keepsake out of every email you send. From invitations to birthday greetings to travelogues, each stationery template features coordinated layouts, fonts, and colors — everything’s designed to keep your mind on the message. You can even effortlessly add pictures to your email via a new Media Browser. Just find the perfect photo and drag it onto your template. Hit “Send” and get ready for some astonished replies from everyone — even folks on PCs.


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