Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Recently, my brother Matthew turned 12. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I gave him my old 100MHz Acer Aspire tower. In the interest of introducing him to Linux, Mandrake 7.0 was installed during the festivities.

But low and behold, the default desktop is KDE 1.0! As I am devout user of Gnome, tensions have broken out between us. Already, our manner has been colder then usual as I dump him out of the room so I can get work done. He carelessly, maliciously, has begun to dump even more of his dirty clothes on my side of the floor.

Clearly, something must be done.


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  1. 1 Ben L. June 13, 2006 at 2:51 pm

    Ngaa…I predict major emotional issues up ahead! I can see the headlines…..MAJOR BUST UP IN LOCAL FAMILY!! SIBILNGS ASCRIBE TO DIFFERENT DESKTOPS, CAUSING MASS DISCORD AND GENERAL WOE!!!

    Microsoft will use the story in an infromative piece about the dangers of open-source, pointing out that these things wouldn’t happen if everybody would just use Windows.

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