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Custom blog header images

The following post has been obsoleted. Most themes now have custom header images, and it’s become a lot easier to set. You won’t even have to crack open Photoshop to get the image size right.

I dunno how long this has been around, but it’s worth repeating for the benefit of anyone who dosen’t know. I mean, I just discovered it this evening. It’s an option in the Regulus theme.

If you don’t know what that means and just want to have a different picture at the top of your blog then everyone else, read on for a howto. Continue reading ‘Custom blog header images’


Line-tracking robots beware

Today I volunteered at the FIRST nationals and helped set the fields up. The Vex fields, anyway. We assembled two operator control practice fields, an autonomous practice field, and a miniature, Vex-sized version of this year's FRC field. Then I was asked to tape up the lines on the regular autonomous competition field. Let me elaborate. These are the lines that competeing robots will use light sensors and such to find and follow. If they aren't just right, half the robots won't function correctly.

It disturbs me deeply that instead of hiring a team of trained experts, or at least getting someone with one of those laser-guided ultra accurate rulers, they picked me. I was armed with the following:

  • A broken tape measure. It started at the 3' mark.
  • Stretchy tape. Seriously, that stuff will easily extend an extra inch or so if you pull it out straight.
  • Thick tape. It was about 0.2' thinner then the official rules called for.

What disturbs me even more is that almost no-one else seemed to notice or care, unless a line was more then three inches off.

Ah, well. I did my best, anyway. It should be fine. But, um, ya'll do have fallback emergency routines in your code, right?

And a shout-out to Penguinator. I missed you man, sorry. Maybe tomorrow. You got my note, right?

Professor Fizzwizzle Review

A little while back, I did a review of Rocket Boards. If you read it, you might have gotten the faint idea that I disliked the game. More then most games. So, in another "Talk about the game and I'll let you have a copy" type promotion, I was asked to review a little game called "Professor Fizzwizzle". Fuzzwizzle. Wizfuzzle?

Fortunately, the name is one of the only faults I can find with the thing. It really is a great game. I actually played though the demo about a month ago just cause it looked like fun. I shall now ramble aimlessly about how much I liked it for the rest of the review

Continue reading ‘Professor Fizzwizzle Review’

Trial by DRM

I received Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, among other things, as a gift a few days ago. It looks like a pretty neat game, it appears to be pretty much Neverwinter Nights with a new graphics engine, better storyline and a Star Wars theme. My good friend Alex recommended it highly.

Of course, Alex has only played it on Xbox. But the PC version can’t be too different, right? Well, one would hope. Little did I know what path lay ahead. Would I stick to the happy, legal, light side? Or would I succumb to the dark powers of software piracy?

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Talk about your bloated games…

The Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends Pre-Release demo requires:

  • Microsoft Windows(r) XP w/ Service Pack 2.
  • 1.4 GHz processor.
  • 512 GB RAM
  • 64 MB (DX9/Shader compliant) video card

I've heard of hardcore gamers before, but this is ridiculous.

College Looms On The Horizon

I haven’t posted for a while, mostly because I haven’t felt like writing much of anything. So, some old news.
I got accepted to LeTourneau. Yay. I got a nice scholarship. Yay.
Don’t get me wrong, I loved what I saw when I went for a preview weekend a month or two ago, but the reality that I’ll soon be living six hundred miles away from home is starting to sink in.

However, they are doing some amazingly neat stuff out there. There’s robots all over the place, tons of other tech people with my style of humor, and I heard that something like 40% of campus uses Linux. The perfect place to continue my hacker training.

Now, if only I could find a method to VoIP home without using up all my bandwidth…

PixelShip done!

So, PyWeek2 is nearly over, and I think I’m done with my entry, PixelShip.

It’s badly coded and not technically impressive at all, but it runs and it’s kinda fun. I like it anyway.

So, if you happen to have Python 2.4 and PyGame 1.7 installed, why not hop on down and check it out?

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