Rocket Boards Review

In the spirit of full disclosure, I'd like to say that I'll (probably) be offered a full copy of the game I'm reviewing by posting this. Sadly, I doubt I'll play it much.

The game in question, Rocket Boards, looked like it had a lot of promise. BinarySun games advertised it as "Inspired by Nintendo classics like Super Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing". The screen shots looked pretty cool. The demo download was small. In short, it looked too good to be true. It was.

I've found a few faults with the game, but theres only one really important one: It's boring.
After four laps or so, you begin to wonder if there's anything more interesting to do. The entire demo consists of powering forward, steering around obstacles and other board racers. That's it. No jumping, no power ups, no guns, nothing.
Something, anything to do besides surf would make all the difference. I almost wonder if it's aimed at little kids, but the controls seem much too touchy for that.
It almost plays like a complete tech demo without a real game wrapped around it.

In short, I don't recommend buying "Rocket Boards". Instead, go check out "Miko-san's Miracle Board". Fans of hoverboards will be much happier, I promise you.

Update 4-5-06: Home of the Underdogs is back, and the Miko-san game link now works. 


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