All of the buffalo has been used

The Vex Challenge is over.
How did we do? Let me just say that out of about 22 teams, we came in 15th place. Pretty much everything that could go wrong, did. It was just ridiculous at times. A transmitter randomly inverted the drive-train controls. We forgot to switch the jumper chip into OperatorControl mode for one match and the robot drove into a wall. Later, we fixed one half of the drive-train just in time for a match, only to have the other half break at a critical moment about 30 seconds later.
Almost everything that could go wrong, did. With the possible exception of pretty magic smoke from the motor modules.
Oh, well.

It wasn’t all bad, though. One of our final alliance partners, team 83, was pretty awexome. They came and met with the team before the alliance selection & team captain meeting was over. How cool is that? “Tools, parts, mentors, whatever you guys need.” they said.
I don’t care who they gave the gracious professionalism award to. #83: you guys deserved it.

We also met up with one of our alliance partners from last year, #35. Almost everyone had moved on to an FRC team, but we got on with the new guys pretty well. And of course, Jeremiah the social butterfly made friends with half the people in the building. Little did he know that there was an FRC meet downstairs.

Also, there was some guy from a team I really liked last year who randomly popped up and started hanging out with us. I don’t remember what his name was or what team he was from, but I found it highly enjoyable to talk to someone not on FVC 40 who knew what I was talking about as I coded.

Sadly, this is my last year in the Vex program. Aside from the fact that I’m ageing out, my university of choice is approximately six hundred miles away. Future coders will have to get my C expertise via email and aim.

But, anyway. We had a great team this year. FVC 40 will be a great team next year. Stampede on!


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