Vex Update 3ish

I’ve become the more-or-less unofficial electrician for the team. No one else did anything with the electronics at all, so I’ve figured out what needs to go where and sketched out a little graph of it.

I’m now using this graph as a refrence for my more-or-less official coding position on the team. As of tonight, the autonomous code can:

  • Follow a line (sorta)
  • Make a leap of faith from one line to another (untested)
  • Turn a given angle (With acuracy of within about 20 degrees. Needs fixing.)
  • Sense a wall about a foot in front of the ‘bot
  • …and stop before hitting said wall

That last one might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised… :-p

What’s kinda scary is that the robot is pretty much built, but we’ve never had everything hooked up and running at once! The reason is, all our electronics are mounted around the parimiter of the robot; we have a sort of basket in the middle to store balls. This means all the cords have to go around the side of the basket, and the ones connected to the motors and sensors on the back of the robot are not long enough. We have some extenders on order, hopefuly they’ll get here before the Scrimmage on the 11th.

The Eleventh. That’s not even funny. The Eleventh. That’s just rediculous

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