And work on the robot plods onward

Slowly. We’ve worked on it all evening. Our ball basket it much lighter, we may or may not have a way of dumping balls now, and we have consumed massive amounts of junk food.

Our main problem now is that no one feels like building said ball dumping mechanism because to test it out, we’ll have to integrate it with the chassis. That’s the problem with having a small, light robot. It’s not very modular.

Our other problem involves the beater-bar. It’s great at grabbing balls, but it’s getting in the way of most of our ball-dumping ideas.

Jeremiah and I have been practicing our driving skills by playing Wild Metal Country. With the proper control layout, playing the game is very much like driving a Vex robot equipped with four wheel drive. I dunno if I’m gonna drive or not, but I figured Jer needed to be took down a few notches.
He drives OK, but I’m concerned about his strategy & game theory abilities. If confronted with a catapult rolling bombs off the side of a cliff, he’ll try to drive right up the cliff. Never mind that a 20 second detour would put him on level ground with his nemesis and the rolling bombs destroy him every time.
In multiplayer, even if I take his shield down to almost nothing, he’ll attack head on, driving right into my barrage of missiles. Not to mention when I was afk, he hunted down my non-responsive bot and blew it to bits. Nice gracious professionalism, eh?
Like I said, I’m not too sure about him. I dunno if I wanna drive again this year, but I’m hesitant about Jer representing our team’s robot and strategies on the field.

easyC 2.0 has been obtained, installed, patched and registered. I’m too tired to explain exactly what happened, but you can figure it out from this ChiefDelphi forum thread.

Someone said something funny earlier this evening during the build session, but I don’t remember what it was. My tired mind has begun to filter out what people say. That’s what I get for staying up till 2:30 AM working on this thing. Meh.
I’m gonna go to bed.


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