Katamari Damacy 2

Yep, you read that correctly. Apparently, for some completely random reason, We love Katamari was not Katamari Damacy 2.

The developers, upon realizing the horrible mistake they had made by not including “2” in the title, began to panic. I imagine it went something like the following.
“We can’t release Katamari Damacy 3! There has not been a 2. What will people think?”

But then, there came a man. A man with a copy of Macromedia Studio. Actually, it was probably several men. Possibly women, too. They slaved away to create the work of art you are about to see.
Check it out: Katamari Damacy 2

It’s pretty much what Katamari would look like if it was made twenty years ago. As a little web game. In Flash. Or something.

…It’d really help if I could actually read Japanese.

Update: It’s gone. Sorry. I’ll post a link here if I find a mirror. 😦


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