Rejected skit #1: Wrestling

A word of explanation about this one.
At Camp Woodruff 2005, Sam and myself came up with four skits. Sadly, three of them but one were vetoed by the leaders. Quality control and all that.
Every morning at assembly, the campers were allowed to challenge either the staff or another troop to a game. The funny thing is, as the week went by, many of the sports started getting banned. It was ridiculous, even soccer was forbidden. (Some kid got run over.)
To protest and parody this turn of events, we created a small poster. At assembly on the last day of camp, I would read it in a loud, deep wrestling announcer voice.

Troop X challenges the staff to: DEATH ON TOP OF THE ADMIN BUILDING!
The wrestling event to end all other camp activities!

Watch in horror as Troop X hero “The Scoutmaster” takes on all challengers – and throws them to their doom!
Tickets purchases are available online and at the lower water buffalo campsite.
Tonight! Eight thirty! On top of the administration building! Be there!

Needless to say, when I ran it past the leaders, they were less then thrilled. Hope you enjoy it, but please don’t preform it! 😉


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