My Suitcase

About the same time I obtained my UNIX book, I also received a suitcase. But not just any suitcase. The inside is padded, it has two locks, and the outside is covered in dull aluminum. If this case was in a movie, a gangster would be carrying it. And he’d like, put it on a table and open it, and it’d be full of guns or money. And then the cops would burst in, and there would be a big gun fight. It would be a long, hard battle, but the police would finally win, arrest the crime lord, and confiscate the case. Not for the money inside, of course, but because the police chief had always wanted a suitcase this cool.
Seriously, if I sent it though airport security, it would probably set off three different alarms. I’d be asked to open the case and then detained as burly officials speculated about the chances of my laptop being wired with a bomb.

I think I’ll line it with lead. 😀


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