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StarCraft Brood War Spawn Howto

Yes, you read the title correctly. It is indeed possible to “spawn” Brood War for LAN games. This is a bit kludgey, and it won’t work over, but it falls under the “good enough for me” catagory.
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Rejected skit #1: Wrestling

A word of explanation about this one.
At Camp Woodruff 2005, Sam and myself came up with four skits. Sadly, three of them but one were vetoed by the leaders. Quality control and all that.
Every morning at assembly, the campers were allowed to challenge either the staff or another troop to a game. The funny thing is, as the week went by, many of the sports started getting banned. It was ridiculous, even soccer was forbidden. (Some kid got run over.)
To protest and parody this turn of events, we created a small poster. At assembly on the last day of camp, I would read it in a loud, deep wrestling announcer voice.

Troop X challenges the staff to: DEATH ON TOP OF THE ADMIN BUILDING!
The wrestling event to end all other camp activities!

Watch in horror as Troop X hero “The Scoutmaster” takes on all challengers – and throws them to their doom!
Tickets purchases are available online and at the lower water buffalo campsite.
Tonight! Eight thirty! On top of the administration building! Be there!

Needless to say, when I ran it past the leaders, they were less then thrilled. Hope you enjoy it, but please don’t preform it! 😉

Windows Live Mail: first impressions

Windows Live Mail is the new, “cool”, Ajax buzzword enabled interface that will soon be replacing the current 1999 era Hotmail. I got a beta invite, so I decided to try it out. Ahem.
To put it nicely, Gmail continues to roxxor hotmail’s sockzors.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, have a few thousand words.

Seriously. Look at that. What were they thinking?!

I did some rough estimates based on that screen shot, and this is what I came up with.
total pixels: 618246
wasted pixels: 374248
pixels in message area: 173853

Lets do some rough calculations…
374248 divided by 618246 equals about 0.6053… or about 61% of the screen. 61% of the screen is unneeded whitespace, a huge logo and a huge banner ad.

173853 divided by 618246 equals about 0.2812. Roughly 28% of the screen. Think about this for a moment. Only 28% of the visible website is displaying the content you actually want to see.

I don’t know about you folks, but I’m sticking with Gmail. At least there, I know that the people behind it actually care weather or not their client is usable.

My Suitcase

About the same time I obtained my UNIX book, I also received a suitcase. But not just any suitcase. The inside is padded, it has two locks, and the outside is covered in dull aluminum. If this case was in a movie, a gangster would be carrying it. And he’d like, put it on a table and open it, and it’d be full of guns or money. And then the cops would burst in, and there would be a big gun fight. It would be a long, hard battle, but the police would finally win, arrest the crime lord, and confiscate the case. Not for the money inside, of course, but because the police chief had always wanted a suitcase this cool.
Seriously, if I sent it though airport security, it would probably set off three different alarms. I’d be asked to open the case and then detained as burly officials speculated about the chances of my laptop being wired with a bomb.

I think I’ll line it with lead. 😀

Unix hasn’t changed much, has it?

I was given an old copy of Sam’s Teach Yourself UNIX in 24 hours (1st edition) a few days ago. Upon perusal of said book, I was shocked at how much of it is still relevant today, eight years after publication. Eight years!
Even now, you can pop open a terminal on OS X and follow along with the book. While obviously some of it is a bit dated (The author said the most popular shell is csh and that X11 is not very usable in it’s current state) 90% or so of the material is still current. The great thing is, a lot of *NIX manuals are probably still good. Think about it. How many of the non-UNIX computer manuals you bought eight years ago are still relevant and/or even remotely accurate about modern systems?
I think thats just cool.

Is piracy theft?

A interesting website that has popped up in the peer-to-peer file sharing debate is theThe Piracy Calculator.
It allows you to calculate how much money the RI/MPAA would accuse you of stealing. Not terribly accurate, but interesting, nonetheless. Particularly the two paragraphs at the bottom of the page. Continue reading ‘Is piracy theft?’

More free Guild Wars fun

Guild Wars PvP weekendThe sad truth of the matter is, people can’t read. I don’t have any Guild Wars keys. The free offer ended over a year ago. Stop bothering me about it. Just go and freaking buy the game; it’s only like $30 now. Thank you.

— Teh Management

Longtime readers of my old blog (and I’d like to thank both of you for reading that long) may remember when I talked about the World Preview of Guild Wars. Pretty much, they let everyone run loose for a weekend in a few areas of the game. It was a lot of fun, but it was over pretty quickly and a lot of people missed out. Well, now that the first Guild Wars expansion pack is coming out, there’s another weekend of free fantasy insanity. It’s the weekend of January 20th.

So, anyway. There’s more info on the website, but heres the quickie version. Apparently, everyone uses the same key, and ArenaNet is urging people to “distribute like crazy!”
American key: 888D9-H27PG-NM72D-PLHJ1-2HG11
European key: 66DG9-C4RHB-9FKD6-287BJ-LRGCJ
Download the client (Only like 80kb. Fits on a floppy!)

I will likely be lurking around some place as Frem Underhill, so be sure to ping me if you read this!
Have fun!

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