The way of the ninja

[professor walks onto stage and begins to speak]
Hello. You are all doubtless here today to learn about ninjas. Unfortunately, the way of the ninja is fraught with hardness-es. These include:

  • Exercise
  • Assassinating people
  • Sneaking around
  • Getting killed multiple times

If any of this appeals to you, you are in the right place. Now, the first most important point: Socks. Some people claim that ninjas don’t care about socks. Those people would be wrong.
The next most important thing to remember is how to become one with the shadows. Fortunately, this is highly overrated. People are very unobservant.

However, all this lecture would be pointless and boring if there was to be no demonstration. Observe as this trained trained ninja infultrates a campsite of hapless Boy Scouts.

[Cut to three guys sitting around a campfire]
[The ninja is slipping up behind #1.]
1: So then, the frumious Bandersnatch grabbed Harold and-
2: What’s that?! [pointing]
[The ninja grabs #1]
[A brief struggle ensues]
professor: Observe how the skilled ninja goes directly for the sock.
ninja: Behold! I have prevailed over my formally sock wearing foe!
professor: This will conclude our demonstration. Thank you.


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